Apr 12, 2012

Easter Inspiration

Uskrs nam se približava, pa evo male inspiracije za sve one koji su voljni da ulože malo veći trud nego inače u kolačiće i dekoraciju. :)
In Serbia we celebrate Easter on this Sunday, so here is something to inspire you.

don't forget cute & unique eggs 

cupcakes are must-have

have a lot of fresh flowers

and your table is done :)

Apr 9, 2012

Shopping & Opera in Sofia

Mini travel post. Ove subote sam bila u Sofiji sa drugaricama i odlično smo se provele. Centar grada je prelep, obišle smo tržni centar The Mall, a uveče bile u operi i slušale "Don Karlosa" Đuzepe Verdija. Savršen dan.
Prvo sličice iz grada, a na kraju i detalji iz tržnog centra. :)
This is a mini-travel post. This saturday I went to one day trip with my friends to Sofia, Bulgaria. Center of the city is beautiful, we've also been to the shopping center The Mall, and later that evening we were in Opera, watching "Don Carlos". It was the perfect day. Here are some pictures of city, and at the end some details from the mall. :)

details from the mall:

photo credit: me & Nikolija Grozdanovic

sorry for the picture overload ;) 

Apr 6, 2012

Smallest Luxury Vol.3

Cvet u flaši - tako jednostavno & chic! 
Fresh flowers in a bottle - so simple & chic!

Ono kad vas koleginica obraduje čokoladicom koju niste jeli gooodinama!
Sa sve pilencetom :)
Candy bar (that I haven't had for ages) my friend bought to me for no reason :)

Konačno sam pronašla nijansu crvene koja mi savršeno odgovara. 
Avon Colordisiac - nijansa Temptress. 
Zapravo nije ovoliko tamna kada se nanese, evo kako izgleda:
 I've finally found the perfect shade of red for me - Avon Colordisiac in Temptress.
And this is how it looks like when applied.

Apr 3, 2012

These days...

These days I'm super busy! I have a lot to do for university (exams are near), I try to exercise regularly and to get to see all of my friends... And on top of that I spent an amazing weekend with some dear people I don't get to see so often - that's why you didn't hear from me for these couple of days. So this is just a quick post to say hello, new posts are coming up very soon, so stay tuned :)