Jan 3, 2012

Art of Tea

In China, a cup of tea is used to give respect, to apologize (as a sign of regret), 
and to express gratitude to your parents.

In Japanese tea culture, green tea has a major role. It is served in many occasions all the time, 
and also it is the most popular beverage to drink with traditional Japanese cuisine.

One of the world's largest producer of tea, India is a country where almost all the tea consumed is black Indian tea. Offering tea rather than alcoholic drinks to visitors is the cultural norm in India.

Traditionally, black tea is the most common tea in Russia. It is customary to drink tea brewed separately in a teapot and diluted with freshly boiled water. In the 19th century, 
Russians drank their tea with a cube of sugar held between their teeth.

Tea is the national drink in Egypt, and holds a special position that even coffee cannot rival.

The British are the second largest country of tea consumers in the world, with each person consuming on average 2.5 kg per year. In the18th century, it was an upper-class drink. In Britain tea is usually black tea served with milk, never cream. Much of the time in the United Kingdom, tea drinking is not the delicate, refined cultural expression that the rest of the world imagines—a cup of tea is something drunk often, with some people drinking as many as 15-20 cups of tea a day, although the average is around 5.

Today, the most commonly found on the market are white, green, and black tea. The best temperature for brewing tea depends on its type. Teas that have little or no oxidation period, such as a green or white tea, are best brewed at lower temperatures, between 65 and 85 °C (149 and 185 °F), while teas with longer oxidation periods – like black tea - should be brewed at higher temperatures around 100 °C (212 °F).

Here are some suggestions - how to enjoy a cup of tea in modern era :)

get yourself this cute thermos and mug 

cup of  fame tea bags

even your tea bags can have hangers 

when you're on the go

when you have a little more time to prepare it

or just stay home...

...and enjoy it


  1. Super ovaj post o caju, i inace divan blog. Ja sam cajopija pa je lijepo vidjeti ovako jedan post gjde mogu sta i nauciti o svojoj navici.

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